Why Montessori?

In choosing Montessori education for your child, you're not only choosing to develop his/her intellect, but also to nurture your child's full potential in ALL areas of life.  The Montessori curriculum takes a "whole child" approach with activities designed to promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination all while stimulating and strengthening the intellect of the child.

Why We're Different

Founded in 2004, TMS is the only Christian Montessori School in Charleston. We have a proven academic record of students advancing to Academic Magnet High School, Bishop England High School and Charleston County’s School of the Arts.  We are proud that our teachers offer 50 years of combined Montessori trained experience. In fact, our Dean of Academics trained under Mario Montessori, son of Maria Montessori.

mission Statement

TMS strives to develop the whole child, not by simply transmitting knowledge, but by developing the child’s fullest potential socially, psychologically, and spiritually.  In keeping with the principles of Montessori education, TMS creates a classroom environment in which each child is free to explore his/her own passions and interests while being carefully guided by well-trained Montessori teachers.