Toddler Program

Ages 18 months - 3 years

Our toddler community is a warm and nurturing, specially prepared environment designed to meet the needs of children from 18 months -3 years.  Our Toddler teachers are trained and educated to assist the children in developing their fine and gross motor control, socialization skills, independence, concentration and language development.  Additionally, the toddlers enjoy music lessons and PE lessons once a week.

Our peaceful environment is designed to allow the children to explore and practice their newly acquired skills and interests in a safe, nurturing and gentle way.  Through a series of specially developed activities, the child is given the opportunity to learn and pursue his or her interests.  The child in our toddler environment will have the opportunity to satisfy and meet their developmental needs which include care of self, care of the environment, food preparation, social skills, music, motor skills and freedom of movement. 

Our classrooms are beautifully prepared in the Montessori style which emphasizes peace and safety, both physically and emotionally.  The environment provides a foundation of security allowing the child to develop a deep level of trust in his or her own abilities, creating within the child, an authentic and positive sense of self-esteem.

Trinity Montessori School recognizes and respects the great importance that the toddler years play in the formation and subsequent success of each child.