From parents of TMS students

“The small atmosphere gives a warm, caring feeling. Everyone seems to know and truly care about one another...I think it is a great way to offer a balanced education and seems to instill respect and caring for others. We are very happy at TMS. Lauren truly looks forward to ‘school’ and seems very happy there. She has met so many wonderful people. "
-Nicole Croft, mother of Lauren, 31 mo.

“Montessori provides the kind of critical thinking, exploratory, and inter-dependency skills necessary to build a life of value to the greater community. Montessori removes the intellectual, academic and psychological impediments that stifle development in these areas.

I can say that I had some reservations in having to change Montessori schools because of work, but the staff at TMS have reassured me that we made exactly the right choice! I love the way TMS gets the details right by sending communication folders, emails, and monthly journals to update parents. The optional vendor-provided lunches are a fantastic reprieve for parents and students alike. After-school programs ensure we're never bored and that kids' social and developmental needs are met while growing their extracurricular interests and opportunities for community involvement. Fundraising options are varied to appeal to a wide-spectrum of audiences.
TMS has something for every taste, and employs the Montessori platform in excellence. Your child is sure to succeed."
-Blair Fornville, mother of Nature, age 5

“We love that she’s learning principles that are consistent with what we teach at home.”
-Leslie Thomas, mother of Makaila, age 4

“Trinity exudes a: friendly atmosphere, happy children. The staff is tenacious in attending to the individual needs of the children. Safe and clean environment, well organized and a friendly cooperative staff with much Montessori experience. We love the exposure and ever our daughter reminds us to pray therefore contributing to our religious awareness and thoughtfulness. TMS provides a wonderful learning environment that challenges the status quo of public education enabling her to make independent constructive choices for her own life.”
-Irene Constantine, mother of Ana Kent, age 4

"I love that TMS challenges my children to grow and achieve their greatest potentials in a loving and respectful environment. Montessori education is important to our family because it allows our children to achieve their full potential.”
-Kelly Ferderigos, mother of Eleni (alumni) and Melina, age 3

“Montessori is an extension of our family – 'The Village'.”
-Bobbie Rinard, mother of Harrison, age 6

“I love that TMS provides the perfect balance of learning and fun, especially at young ages...I love that he comes home talking about Jesus and praying to God. The extra spiritual education is a perfect compliment to our home discussions.”
-Callie Powell, mother of Hayden, age 3

“The love and passion of the teachers and staff for the children they teach and care for... Since beginning at TMS, our daughter has grown in her self-confidence and respect for the world around her. We chose TMS for our daughter because following the tour we both agreed that this was a school that would meet our daughter where she was and challenge her to grow in amazing ways. We have been at Trinity four years. In Montessori education a child is equipped with respect for one another, self-confidence and tools that enable them to work in any situation or environment. We appreciate that the values and lessons from home and church are present at school as well.”
-Hal and Leslie Rose, parents of Lila, age 5

"If you have made the choice of a Montessori education for your child, I can wholeheartedly recommend Trinity Montessori School. We are so grateful to the teachers and staff at TMS for their deep commitment to our children and know that we are fortunate to provide our girls with one of the best preschool educations in our community.  
The benefits of this learning environment -- both academically and socially --  seem limitless with our daughters, 4 years and 21 months.  Improvement of gross and fine motor skills, extension of their attention span, consistent use of grace and courtesy skills, mastery of practical like skills, developing self-control, constructively communicating with others, developing an appreciation of nature, respect for self and others and all in a culturally diverse, supportive and loving environment.  
Each day that the girls spend at TMS, we know that they are in a safe, nurturing and child-honoring place of love and learning, specifically designed to aid them in reaching their fullest potential while developing a lifelong and genuine love of learning.  We are so grateful to the gifted teachers and staff at TMS for their exceptional instruction and deep commitment to our children and know the girls will be well-equipped with the tools needed to be successful in their journey of life and learning as citizens of the world.

 - Jim and Sara, parents of two TMS students

"As parents we firmly believe that a great education for all our children starts with the environment we create at home. At Trinity Montessori we found a complementary experience at school to what she receives with us: an environment that is based on love, care, respect and high expectations. We know numerous families with children either at Trinity Montessori or recently graduated. We continue to be taken by the poise, character and balance their children and our children demonstrate at such a young age. We can speak highly not only of the academic standards and rigor at Trinity Montessori, but more importantly of the goal of developing the whole person. In our time at Trinity our daughters' have developed the core disciplines that will be necessary to succeed in later academic settings."
 -Shannon, mother of Lula, Penelope and Vera

"We knew right away that Trinity Montessori was the right choice for our family. The feeling you get when you walk in the door is one of community. Add to that the richness of the Montessori curriculum, the strength of the teaching staff, and the calm and caring environment, and selecting TMS was an easy decision. Our child started at Trinity as an 18 month old toddler and now is 4. His ability to communicate, focus, ask questions, and his strong love of learning are a direct result of his education and care at Trinity Montessori."
-Amanda & Tasha, parents of Hugh

“I love the teachers and the warm, family-friendly environment. I love that my child has the freedom she needs in the classroom...My child has developed the ability to focus for longer periods of time, and countless other valuable skills.
We chose TMS because we love the school and knew it would provide excellent pre-school education for our children...We love Montessori education because it gives the child the time and space they need to grow and develop skills independently, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Our older child developed social and academic skills at TMS that have made her a compassionate child with the genuine desire to learn. Her first week at the new school she was “Student of the Week.”...We love Catechesis. I am amazed at the retention of the children when they learn the Bible Catechesis-style. “

-Ashley, mother of Isabel, age 3

“The teachers, the structure they provide my child. I see the difference every day.
An overall progress in areas that I would not have expected. [My child] learns more about things that he builds on every day. Behavior is controlled and manners are being used. We were referred to TMS initially, and have had our son there since he was 18 months – almost 3 years...Great foundation for children. Focus is on family and Christian values. I love that my son is learning about God at school. He brings home messages of things he is learning and I think that foundation is so important. Love the school, love the teachers. I am so thankful for everyone. Feels like family.”

-Nicole Burleson, mother of Hobie, age 3

“The joy of learning that the children acquire by self-guided work. I also love the way children mentor and set examples for children that are looking up to them.
All of my children have become lifelong learners that enjoy the process of school. They are very independent in every aspect of their school and home life. I originally chose Montessori as a safe place for my oldest child that was quiet and very interactive for learning and socializing. With my younger children, it was about learning to enjoy school, have great morals and values reinforced, and the style of teaching. It has become a way of life that I believe in 100%. I see my children and all Montessori children as being curious, self-directed, independent and driven. I never have to ask either of my older children to do their work (home work or school work). They just do it! My children have loved the program. Although we are Baptist, it has strengthened their spirituality and curiosity of our faith in God.”

-Angie Kennington, mother of Gage, age 10

“I love that it feels like the teachers and staff truly love my daughter. Everyone is very real, unlike some of the other Montessori schools we looked into. We felt instantly welcomed. She has been there since 16 months, so we have noticed tremendous changes! Her speech made vast improvements, and she is so independent now. She rarely asks me for help, and only after she has tried to figure it out for herself first. We have been at TMS for 3 years now. We chose TMS because it felt so welcoming from the second we walked in for a tour. I didn’t feel as if we were being judged by the staff like most of the places we looked. I felt that Montessori introduces so many ideas early, that the children understand. We love hearing her come home to say grace and tell us all about the Bible.”
-Kathryn Wright, mother of Elise, age 4