Jessica Aitken

Jessica Aitken has been a supporter of Maria Montessori and her methods of education since she was hired as an assistant, 20 years ago, at Villa Montessori in Phoenix, Arizona. This led her to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in Phoenix, and she received her AMI (3-6) diploma in 1998 under the instruction of Mrs. Nimal Vaz.
Jessica’s desire to care for children began when she was a child herself. Her innate fascination with children grew into a strong calling as she finished high school.  She recalls, “I knew I wanted to work with children.  I never considered anything else.  Once I was hired as an assistant,  Montessori became part of my life.  I had found my passion and it has been the driving force in my life ever since.” 
Jessica’s experience spans from being a nanny, to being a Montessori Directress in classrooms large and small, to homeschooling her own children.  She is looking forward to returning to a school community after many years of homeschooling. “What I love about the Montessori approach is that it allows us (as educators) to recognize the importance of each child, the entire child and their relationship with the environment.  I hope to contribute to Trinity’s Casa Program by helping to unearth the potential that each child holds.  I hope to preserve the delicate balance of showing the child and allowing the child to see for his/her self.  The discoveries that the child encounters in the prepared environment are unlimited; leading to growth academically, socially and emotionally. My job is to introduce as much as possible to these children during their formative years, to create a peaceful learning environment and to nurture their spirit.”
Born and raised in Arizona, Jessica has lived in New York, South Carolina and The Bahamas.