Elementary Program

Lower Elementary

6 years - 9 years

The Elementary environment is set up to encourage the child’s natural tendency to want to discover their place within the world:  “Who am I?”  and “where do I fit in?”.  The curriculum is based on Maria and her son Mario Montessori’s Cosmic Education whose premise is that all things are interconnected; thus, in the elementary level, topics are taught in such a way as to allow the child to see how different subjects are interrelated and provides the child the opportunity to make those discoveries on his own through his independent work, and through The Great Lessons presentations.
The Great Lessons provide launching points for biology, human history and prehistory, language, zoology, mathematics, geometry, music, and art. Every lesson that follows relates to those first stories while illuminating specific details in greater depth.
The Elementary level is rich and diverse, and provides children with many opportunities to learn independence in social situations that occur within their classroom community, engage in independent research, and explore their surroundings through educational and fun field trips. 

upper ELEmentary

9 years - 12 years